Cast Members Have Resumed Work On NCIS: LA Season 8, Will Deeks And Kensi Get Married? Let’s See


The NCIS: LA cast members resumed work earlier this month and starting mid-July, the cast will put the script to screen. Unlike the previous years, the shooting in season 7 was not rolled over into the first few Season 8 episodes, by the NCIS offshoot. On 19th July, the series will begin with a clean slate and the premiere will be directed by Terence O’Hara.

On 8th July, the additional footage will be filmed by John Peter Kousakis, the executive producer, but the main cast won’t be present. We don’t know a lot about the fall run which means there are not many spoilers far and between.

Speculations suggest that Hetty (played by Linda Hunt) and Granger (played by Miguel Ferrer) will keep going after Callen, (played by Chris O’Donnell) the mole. He will continue searching his mysterious past, and Deeks will finally propose Densi.

Even with these details revealed, we can all agree that season 8 of NCIS: LA will be worth waiting for. While the writers’ room reconvened, Kousakis tweeted that NCIS: LA is back and let the games of Season 8 begin. He said that a marvelous season is coming, and he included the hashtags; #CBSSundayat8PM #wewontdisappoint.

Meanwhile, executive producer Scott Gemmill revealed that Kensi and Deeks’ romance is developing into something worthwhile in season 8 of NCIS: LA. During a recent interview, Gemmill informed that series writers would take this couple on-screen relationship to the next level. However, a marriage proposal might not be imminent.

La Cast

According to Hall of Fame magazine, the lovers were seen discussing stuff regarding engagement and having kids in NCIS: LA Season 7. As a result, fans have already guessed that there’s something good coming up. During a recent interview, the producer of the show teased the engagement between these two characters will be worth waiting for.

At the same time, fans need to exercise some patience till the show arrives there. Gemmil has replaced Shane Brennan as NCIS: LA’s executive producer.  Recently, Brennan signed a two-year contract with CBS, for creating a TV series based on The Expendables movie from 2010.

A lot of fans were worried about Brennan’s departure due to which John Peter Kousakis, the producer, assured fans that Gemmill would not disappoint them in the future.

Gemmill personally declared that season 8 would be spectacular and sensational, and it will not be a letdown. The series will pick up after Season 7 ending where we saw G.

Callen is searching for his real identity. Season 8 of NCIS: LA will premiere on 2nd October, at 8 PM on CBS.

When NCIS: LA returns, there will be a lot of things to watch out for. As a result, the showrunners are filming heavily this month. According to Enstarz, John Peter Kousakis will shoot a few additional scenes without the cast members on 9th July.

Terence O’Hare

The premiere episode will be filmed on 19th July Terence O’ Hara being the director. A lot of details have already been leaked, and veteran followers currently know about a lot of interesting things coming up.

Besides the leaks about Callen searching for his family, Hetty and Granger tracking the mole and relationship developments between Deeks and Kensi, the show will also focus on Ruah’s pregnancy.

Fans are pretty excited about the show’s October premiere. revealed that from October, NCIS: LA will be shown on Sundays.

It will come after NFL, but this will bring in more viewers as there isn’t a lot of competition in this field, during the said timeslot. The upcoming season will include LL Cool J (Sam), Renee Felice Smith (Nell)and Barret Foa (Eric).