Cast Members Have Resumed Work On NCIS: LA Season 8, Will Deeks And Kensi Get Married? Let’s See

In other news, Olsen and others attended the MCM London Comic Con, and the actor decided to speak freely about his character’s interest in violence and the effect it will have on his romantic relationship with Kensi. Their connection improved in the last season, and rumors indicate that Deeks will be proposing soon.

However, on both mental and emotional aspects, it will be a work in progress. There is still a possibility that his character will transform into a monster that beats women, similar to his father.


The actor explained that Deeks shot his dad when the latter was wielding a shotgun and being abusive to his mother. In defense of a girl, Deeks killed a cop as well. His character realized that it was the moment when he became his father since his father was that abusive towards his mother.

Therefore, Deeks is really afraid of turning into the monster he hates the most. As a result, this could give rise to some second thoughts about marrying with Kensi. The characters even hung out with their moms. It will be a letdown for Densi fans if Deeks decides not to marry.

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