Controversy Regarding Jon Snow’s Death, Major Discrepancy in Game of Thrones Season Five Last Episode!

After Jon Snow’s death, the Twitterati started churning out hate and sadness through every tweet. While some wanted Melissandre to die badly, a few others considered her to be the only hope in bringing Jon back.

Meanwhile, there are five reasons why we think Jon Snow isn’t dead. Firstly, he looked like he survived the attack. Of course, it’s not possible for anyone to live after being stabbed multiple times; the fans are still hoping that he survived.

Secondly, according to the book, Jon Snow will warg his soul into the Dire Wolf, Ghost.  Fans also believe that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard. Instead, he is the son of Rhaeger Targaryan and Ned’s sister Lyanna. If this is true, Jon Snow has a great chance of being born out of the fire when the Night Watchers try to bury him.

Meanwhile, there are also some discrepancies in the last episode. For example, how was it possible for the Boltons to assemble such a massive army against Stannis? Why would the Iron Bank of Braavos even think of it as a smart investment if the Bolton army Stannis was marching against was this large?

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