A New Harvey in a New World Featured In Suits Season 5, Comedy Central Introduces Season Five in India!

‘Suits’ is one of the most fascinating shows on television and is certainly one of the most dynamic shows on television. However, it often goes undervalued and unnoticed since it calls USA home and apparently, the upcoming Mr. Robot will face the same problem.

However, besides its recognition, nothing has really stopped the program from delivering some highly unique characters and characters relationships over the upcoming years.

However, ‘Suits’ is great not only because of its characters but also the readiness with which character stability is undermined at a moment’s notice if it means taking them through a direction that hasn’t been seen yet. In the beginning of season five, this is where we actually find ourselves.

Last season was shocking when Donny left Harvey as his secretary in order to go work for Louis. The season premiere picks up six weeks later and then starts backwards with Harvey in a state of panic and exhaustion.

In the meantime, Louis comes to terms with the fact that he now has the most important part of Pearson Specter Litt, working at his desk. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel are deciding who to inform and who not to, regarding their upcoming engagement. Harvey is the character that gets the most play in the season premiere.

In case new viewers are coming into the show with the season premiere, they will have no indication as to the degree in which Mike’s employment at the law firm is repeatedly putting it in jeopardy.

The first episode about season five is all about Harvey. It is a fruitful episode as the version of the character we witness is one we’ve never seen before. For the first time ever, we get to notice a Harvey who is confused and disturbed and let’s just say it is an exciting thing to witness.

The premiere also includes the laying of foundation that will lead to the Louis/Donna dynamic. The two characters have cherished an understanding before and in this new world, it is perhaps the most exciting thing that viewers are getting ready to witness.

With Donna’s recent change, the potential for emerging drama is limitless but the premiere does a great job of keeping it smooth and not going overboard. While the main storylines are currently being dominated by Louis, Donna and Harvey, the C story involving Mike and Rachel are a little dim at the moment.