Jeremy Renner Rumored to Be the Protagonist Following Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation!

Ethan Hunt is currently facing another phase of an impossible mission as Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation is coming around the corner in order to rock the box office.  The fifth installment of this franchise is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

He is the one who directed Cruise-starring ‘Jack Reacher’ and ‘The Way of The Gun’. McQuarrie is quite familiar with Tom Cruise and has worked with him several times. Meanwhile, there are amazing stunts which are going to excite fans regarding the upcoming fifth installment of the Mission Impossible series. However, what can the fans expect from the upcoming installment? It might feature the death of a major character.

The upcoming movie will take on a whole different level for Ethan and his team members as they get ready to face the most impossible mission yet. The members must eliminate the dangerously skilled Syndicate. It is an international rogue organization which is eyeing to destroy the IMF, as reported by IMDb.

Meanwhile, there are various rumors circulating regarding the upcoming movie and also its various features.  According to Cinema Blend, Jeremy Renner could be the next Mission Impossible lead. Right now, Renner belongs to the Marvel Universe, reportedly signed a three-picture delay to be featured as Brandt in the Mission Impossible.

He could be a partner-in-crime of Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise. The display of a team-up between Renner and Cruise could mean Brandt ending up as the next main protagonist of the Mission Impossible series.

Earlier, we witnessed the most heart-stopping moment in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation when Tom Cruise was seen hanging off of the side of a plane taking off. That was a mere scratch at the surface of impossible for our protagonist, Ethan Hunt.

Latest reports reveal that Ethan Hunt’s character will have to be killed for a while as Tom Cruise spends a lot of intense time underwater. However, fans should rest assured as Ethan Hunt will have to finish his mission before he perishes. Will this be the end of Impossible Mission Force? We’ll just have to wait and watch what happens July 31.

According to Forbes, no one will spend the next press tour of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol apologizing for the previous installments. The Rogue nation promises quality based on a history of quality. We are already aware that this Mission Impossible film will be quite distinct from the others especially reflecting the specific director.