Constantine Season 1: The Line Between The Good And Evil Blurs, Manny Helps Papa Midnite!

Episode 13 titled “Waiting for the Man” opens with three girls dressed in white asking a young redhead if she would marry “The Man”. The redhead, Vesta, on hearing from the three girls that the man they are married to allows them to do whatever they want, she readily agrees.

The brides show off their “rings”, which are dark circular marks along their necks- possible signs of torture or cult symbols. Instead of being scared Vesta is rather intrigued and joins the other three. Constantine saves the girl right before “The Man” can make her say the “marriage vows”.

The episode sees Papa Midnite making an entry to seek revenge from Constantine, but he is tricked by the latter and ends up in police custody.

Before the fans could get time to breathe, a devastating revelation takes place. Manny frees Papa Midnite and removes his handcuff, cancelling the contract on Constantine. Many n a rather puzzled Papa Midnite that the Brucharia works for him.

All through the season, Manny has only been playing Constantine and winning his trust to lead him into something sinister.

The last episode seemed a little crammed with so many plots colliding, but it looked like the creators had to make the most of the shortened season. Fans are hopeful for Season 2, but there’s been no official confirmation yet.