Constantine Season 1: The Line Between The Good And Evil Blurs, Manny Helps Papa Midnite!

Constantine Season 1 has been garnering quite a lot of fan following, given its exciting plot and the unique technique of dealing with it. Based on the comic series Hellblazer, Constantine follows the protagonist John Constantine, a con-man turned reluctant demon hunter as he deals with the sins of his past and rescues the innocent from the evil supernatural forces.

The series has ended its first season with 13 episodes. It has brought darkness and black magic into the foreplay and created a story that will leave viewers earnestly waiting for the next season.

John Constantine played by Matt Ryan teams up with a psychic Zed, played to perfection by (Angélica Celaya) to find out dark forces and eliminate them from the world. He is joined in his ventures by his friend Chas (Charles Halford) and the protective angel Manny (Harold Perrineau). They are occasionally joined by Detective Corrigan (Emmett Scanlan). The character of Corrigan has been taken from the comic The Spectre.

The fans had so far seen Manny helping Constantine by keeping a watch over him and helping him understand the working of the good and evil. He has in many instances helped Constantine be safe by protecting him against the evil forces of Papa Midnight and his voodoo, but it was only in episode 12 that fans saw him being brought into the main part of the plot.

Episode 12, Angels and Ministers of Grace, dealt with a plot where people were being killed in the hospital with a crystal. Zed heads to the hospital to help John Constantine (Matt Ryan) find and destroy an antediluvian crystal made of dark Satanic forces and realises she has brain tumour. With evil forces rampant in the place. Constantine forces a reluctant Manny to help him save Zed. Constantine binds him to the body of a doctor, forcing him to experience things he never has before.