Collector’s Edition of Lara Croft Rise of the Tomb Raider Comes With A $150, 12-Inch Statue While Language Support List Is Revealed!

New footage of Lara Croft Rise of the Tomb Raider was not shown at X-15 but developer Crystal Dynamic managed to reveal some interesting new details regarding the next big adventure of Lara Croft. Players can also expect a much larger world in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

The lead combat designer Philippe Therien talked at X-15 on Wednesday in Toronto and he further explained how the game would be three times bigger than its predecessor. The big open spaces in this game are three times bigger than its predecessor and the developers squeezed more story and optional content in these spaces.

Therien declared that the developers have managed to include 12 hours of worth content in these open spaces. According to him, players will be able to discover the content once they start going off-road in search of collectibles and tombs.

At the same time, Therien did not reveal as to the number of tombs that can be discovered by the players while playing as Lara but he declared that there is more than the previous title. Therien also talked about the changes that have been made by Crystal Dynamic to the combat system of Tomb Raider.

According to him, the game comes with a lot of mechanics which help you to distract enemies and also move them out of the way. Lara has the ability to hide in bushes, swim underwater, climb up in trees besides a lot of other choices. There is a huge emphasis on stealth and Therien was asked whether it was possible to beat the game without a single fatality.

To this Therien replied that there are areas in the narrative which ask for player’s action but in most places, as many as the developer could afford, players are provided the choice of engaging the enemy or progressing silently.

There are a variety of resources which are available throughout the game and Lara will be able to craft-on-the-go in the present combat system of Rise of the Tomb Raider. In case Lara is in grave need of an arrow, she can craft it on the fly by a quick press on the RB button, provided that you have the resources which are needed to craft it. The system is highly dynamic as you can do it while running or hiding.

Players have the ability to craft these resources by hunting or collect them through supply drops. Lara will no longer need to escape at the sight of a wolf or a bear. Therien reveals that players should instead closely monitor these situations so as to gain unique crafting materials in the process. The game will first launch exclusively on 10th November in North America and 13th November in Europe. The game is also said to make its way to PC and PlayStation next year.

At the same time, players all around the world, speaking several different languages are waiting to experience this title in its full glory. Square Enix recently revealed a list of languages that will be supported by Rise of the Tomb Raider. They are as follows:-

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Latin American Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Polish
  • Japanese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean

However, there is a bit of confusion involving the language support in this title. The list was declared for in-game voice and not in-game text. Rise of the Tomb Raider also supports a single language which is Dutch.