CMT Picks Up Nashville Season 5, Old Characters Coming Back, New Showrunners Set To Make the Series Hard Hitting!

While talking at the Tennessee Screenwriting Association Seminar, Khouri revealed that while Nashville Season 5 will be more emotional, it will not be the typical soap that the fans expect. The emotions are going to be raw, and they are going to try and make the stories real.

There are some who feel that records can be released, and they become No. 1 on their own. Nashville Season 5 is going to deal with the struggle to become a star, and they will relate how this struggle is connected to the services like Spotify and Pandora.

Nashville is being compared to Longmire, which was cancelled by A&E and picked up by Netflix, which gave it a new lease of life. Nashville is going to run on CMT for now, but Hulu has been streaming the previous series of the popular show, which makes the viewers a little confused about their contract with the streaming site.

For now, the fans of Nashville can be happy since they are confirmed of Season 5. Reports suggest that the show is likely to continue for some more time since the actors are under contract for two more seasons.

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