Final Fantasy 7 Gets Its Own Monopoly Game, Remade Version Set To Have Episodes, Expected To Be Released On The 20th Anniversary Of The Original Game!

There’s something thoroughly exciting coming the way of the fans of Final Fantasy 7. Polygon has reported that the family board game of Monopoly is going to feature the popular role-playing game, Final Fantasy 7. Monopoly is going to incorporate the characters, locations and stories from the popular game of Square Enix.

The product is going to be retailed by Merchoid, and they have revealed that the Final Fantasy 7 Monopoly games are going to be available for retail purchase from April 2017. The retailer has announced the preliminary design of the box for the Final Fantasy 7 Monopoly game, but the images of the board and the game pieces aren’t released yet.

The fans of Final Fantasy 7 are waiting to get their hands on the game board and try their hand at building a home and a Mako reactor plant. During the press briefing of the Final Fantasy 7 monopoly game, Merchoid said that the players are going to learn while playing the game that Sephiroth is evil since he will extort an enormous, amount of rent.

The game is expected to be priced around $50 and will be available for pre-order from Merchoid’s website. The company has revealed that the design art might change from the images that are accessible on the internet. The product is still being worked on, and the final product is likely to be different.

Final Fantasy 7 joins the league of games like Super Mario Bros. Assassin’s Creed, Halo and others to have their very own Monopoly game. While the fans of Final Fantasy are excited about this Monopoly set that they can buy next year, they are equally excited about the fact that Square Enix is working on Final Fantasy 7 to get it on PlayStation 4.

It was Tetsuya Nomura, the remake director of Square Enix who got the fans excited. He was the first one to bring forward that the game developers are remaking the classic, Final Fantasy 7. Nomura has gone on to state that some of the features that are going to be incorporated in the new Final Fantasy XV, might also be introduced in the remade version of Final Fantasy 7.

While Nomura has hinted at big plans for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, he has been silent about the release date for the same. In fact, Tetsuya Nomura wasn’t talking about the remake of Final Fantasy 7, but he slipped the information while talking about Kingdom Hearts 3 and the reworked Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.

When Nomura was asked why Final Fantasy wasn’t being reworked on, he let out that there is a big news awaiting from that particular gaming franchise. The developers of Final Fantasy are working hard on the release of Final Fantasy XV, but since Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 is done, there are some major plans for Final Fantasy 7 as well.

There has been no official announcement on this and according to University Herald, the news about Final Fantasy 7 is likely to be announced during the Dissidia Final Fantasy tournament that is going to be held in August. The fans are happy to wait for about a month to find out what’s in store for Final Fantasy 7.