Final Fantasy 7 Gets Its Own Monopoly Game, Remade Version Set To Have Episodes, Expected To Be Released On The 20th Anniversary Of The Original Game!

Final Fantasy 7 is going to celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, and the fans are very sure that Square Enix has something special planned for the occasion. They had already announced at the E3 2015 that Final Fantasy 7 remade version is going to be divided into several episodes, and these will be released at different times. With the 20th anniversary coming up next year, fans are sure that the game developers are going to release the first episode of Final Fantasy 7 remakes in 2017.

There was no announcement about Final Fantasy 7 at the 2016 E3, but in spite of that, there are a lot of discussions about the game. Yibada reported that there are rumors about Yoshinori Kitase talking about the new format for the remade version.

Kitase, who had worked on the original game, has teased the fans with the news that the format will follow the episodic nature of Final Fantasy XIII. Since the players already know the story, they will have multiple games for different episodes to make things interesting.

With Final Fantasy XV releasing in September, the developers will be free to work on Final Fantasy 7 and try and release it during the anniversary of the iconic game, next year. Some players are of the opinion that Square Enix might delay the release of Final Fantasy 7 so that the players can play Final Fantasy XV with ease and not have too many games to choose from.

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