Clash of Clans Update: A Quick Look at the Latest Reveals, Freeze Spell Unlocked at Town Hall 9, And More

The minions will reportedly be upgradeable to level 7 in the Town Hall 11 and it is being rumored that these level 7 minions will sport orange colored wings.

Arrival of a new hero was also announced by the developers at the ClashCon 2015. However, no other details regarding this new Hero is available as of yet. The boosting cost of the existing Heroes will be reduced from 10 gems for two hours to 5 gems for the same time.

The Town Halls are set to house more resources after the update. It was reported in a popular website that the amount of loot contained in the Town Hall now will be equivalent to one Gold and Elixir storage. It will also contain an amount of Dark Elixir loot which will be equal to 1/4th of the Dark Elixir Storage.

Level 12 Gold and Elixir storages are also on their way with the update along with a level 9 Laboratory. It was also revealed that The Wizard Tower will also be upgradeable to level 9 after the update.

The Town Hall 9 players are in for a treat as the update will make the freeze spell unlockable at Town hall 9. The freeze spell which was exclusive for the Town Hall 10 will be available now at Town Hall 9 which will allow players of that level of Town hall to have an upper-hand while going against strong bases.

The update is rumored to make its appearance sometime in the ongoing month.

Stay tuned for more news on the Clash of Clans update.