Clash of Clans Update: A Quick Look at the Latest Reveals, Freeze Spell Unlocked at Town Hall 9, And More

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile video games of recent times. It has been developed by Supercell and was released back in 2013 for the Android and the iOS platform.

Since then the game has recorded millions of downloads and with the constant innovation that the developers bring to the game, it doesn’t look like that the craze for the game will ever cease to exist among fans.

The game is set to get one of the biggest updates that it has ever received. Just in the recent past, Supercell had made announcements about the introduction of Town Hall 11 to the game.

The Town Hall 11 update will be accompanied by a host of other new aspects as stated by the developers. The latest sneak peeks into the update revealed some of the new features that will come with the update.

A brand new defensive building will be available for players once they reach Town Hall 11. This new defense is being called the Eagle Artillery.

The Shield system of the game has also been reworked and now just getting the Town Hall destroyed won’t grant a shield to players. After the update, a minimum of 30 percent damage in an attack will be required to obtain a shield.

The 30 percent damage will grant a 12 hours shield to the village, 60 percent damage will get it a 14 hours shield and if the damage percentage hits the 90 mark, the village will be entitled a 16 hours shield.

It should also be noted that if the attacker does not deploy at least 30 percent of his army in a village, that village will not be entitled to a shield irrespective of the percentage of destruction caused in the attack.

Players will now be able to attack through a shield at the cost of a certain amount of time being shaved off from the shield. A new mode has been introduced to the game which is the multiplayer or revenge mode. Joining this mode while being in the active shield mode will reduce 3 hours from whatever time is left in the shield.

Another major update will be the spell donation feature. This feature which will be introduced via the update will allow players to donate spell to clan mates’ clan castle in the same way in which clan castle troops are donated. The ability to donate spells will be unlocked at Town Hall 8 and Clan Castle 4.

The donation menu will reportedly be revamped which will now feature spell donation options along with the troops donation one. Players will get a clear view of what their clan mates are requesting and donate accordingly.

The time allowed for completing an attack which is currently 3 minutes will get a 30 seconds hike. So players will now have a total of 3 minutes and 30 seconds to complete their attack. This is a major update especially for higher level players where the increase in time will definitely come in handy while taking down strong bases.

The sneak peeks revealed by the developers regarding the update also show that the available tile space in a base will be increased by 21 percent. The 40×40 tiles formation of a base will have a 44×44 tiles formation after the update with the additional tiles being placed around the 40×40 tiles space.

According to one of ours sources, the update will bring level 7 minions to the game. Minions, one of the troops of the game maxes out at level 6 at present. The update will increase the maximum level of minions from 6 to 7.