Chicago Fire: Three Series Crossover, Herrmann Survives While Voight Struggles With His Past, More Details

However, with time Voight has shown his other side while he leads the intelligence squad of Chicago P.D. In spite of it all, there are some aspects from his past that he doesn’t want anyone to find out.

There are things he had done that he isn’t proud of. Try as much as he to hide them, Cinema Blend has revealed that there are chances of these things coming out in the open to create problem for him.

With Dr. Reybold in the picture and with his doubts about his medical practices, there isn’t going to be anything that will stop him from finding out the truth and there are chances that things will get nasty.

With the drama of the crossover between the three popular series, there is more for the viewers when the series come back in January.

The official synopsis of Chicago P.D reveals that Jimmy (Steve R. McQueen) will be coming back to work with Voight after a luxury condo is robbed and the teenage daughter of the family was also molested at the same time.

Apart from this mini crossover, Platt (Amy Morton) and Mouch (Christian Stolte) will also have to come to terms with some terrible news regarding their wedding plans.

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