Chicago Fire: Three Series Crossover, Herrmann Survives While Voight Struggles With His Past, More Details

Chicago Fire has ended with a major cliffhanger and the fans are desperately waiting for the series to be back from its midseason hiatus. Christopher Herrmann played by David Eigenberg, who is one of the most beloved character in the series had a serious accident, which almost caused him his life.

There is still doubt about whether Christopher is going to survive and fans are waiting for the midseason break to be over fast. In the midseason finale Short and Fat, Christopher Herrmann was stabbed and left to die.

There has been no word about what’s in store for the fan favorite as well. Carter Matt has only come to the rescue of the fans when it revealed a photo from the set showing Herrmann lying on a hospital bed while surrounded with different medical equipments and doctors who are trying to keep his condition stable.

Carter Matt informed that midseason premiere will be called Beating Heart and will focus on the condition of Christopher Herrmann. International Business Times has reassured the fans that Herrmann will survive the attack.

With this situation tackled, fans will be happy to know that Matt Olmstead, the creator of the series has confirmed a crossover between Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. This is set to be an important episode for Chicago Fire because it will be the very doctors from Chicago Med who will help to give Christopher Herrmann a chance at a life.

Design and Trend has informed that apart from the surgery on Christopher Herrmann, the crossover between the three series produced by Dick Wolf will highlight some aspect from each of the series. There are spoilers that highlight one character from Chicago P.D will have to struggle with his past.

There are reports that while Herrmann is taken to surgery, there is going to be call made to Firehouse 51 to come and rescue a woman who has been trapped in a burning building. This woman will also be taken to Chicago Med where it will be revealed that she is suffering from cancer.

However, after the emotional drama, it will be revealed that the woman doesn’t actually suffer from cancer, but has an unlikely case of being poisoned by the drug used for chemotherapy. When Chicago Med gets in touch with Chicago P.D they realize that Dr. Dean Reybold (Jeremy Shamos) was the one responsible for the weird disease.

With Dr. Dean Reybold coming into the picture, Hank Voight (Jason Beghe), the squad commander of Chicago P.D will have to come to terms with the tragic incident from the past where he lost his wife.

Voight recognizes Dr. Reybold as he was his late wife’s doctor and there is a chance that he will have to come to terms with the fact that his wife was poisoned to her death.

Lawyer Herald has revealed that this three-part special crossover will bring out a side of Voight that the fans have never seen before. The team of Firehouse 51 is shaken after the attack on their team member who is struggling with his life, but they have to wait while Chicago Med doctors work their magic.

Voight had started his journey in Chicago P.D as an antagonist. He was out to keep his son from getting into trouble with the law. The son, however, had been caught in the firehouse and would have been in serious trouble if it hadn’t been for Voight who used his bad cop technique to stop the lieutenant from complaining about his son.