Fallout 4: Upcoming DLC Might Add Underwater Missions to the Game, More Details

Fallout 4 has been one of the bestselling games of 2015 and the rumors about an upcoming DLC for the game has already started building up on the internet.

The game was released on November 10 and Bethesda had previously stated that the company is hard at work to develop and release DLCs for the game as soon as possible. The first DLC for the game will reportedly be released by Bethesda in early 2016.

The latest rumors revolving around the upcoming expansion pack suggest that the developers might incorporate an aquatic environment into the game through it.

Fallout 4 is spread over a vast open world locale and if the latest rumors turn out to be true, players might soon find themselves exploring some underwater locations too.

Players have already seen a lot of irradiated water bodies spread all over the wasteland of Fallout 4, these water bodies might become explore-able after the upcoming update is applied to the game. A harpoon gun found hidden in the game’s code has sparked these rumors.

The weapon is exclusively available to players playing the game on PC and it was uncovered by a modder who was lurking around the game’s assets.

The firing animation of the harpoon is quite unique in nature; it shoots out bubbles along with its main ammo which are harpoons.

This particular animation involving bubbles has resulted in fans speculating that this weapon is actually meant to be used underwater.

A popular site claims that the theory of underwater missions is also supported by an image revealed during the game’s presentation at the E3.

The image was of a man standing at the bottom of an ocean floor and another image revealed alongside this one gave a first person view of the ocean floor.

Thus, it is being rumored that there actually is a possibility that underwater missions might find their way into the game through the upcoming expansion pack.

Apart from these, the expansion pack is expected to bring additional missions to the game along with some brand new weapons, armors and great perks.

These new weapons, armors and perks will be unlocked gradually as players successfully complete the newly added missions. Some new maps might also get incorporated into the game via the DLC.

Bethesda is offering a Fallout 4 Season Pass, which will enable players to get their hands on all the DLCs that will be released for the game by the developers for free. Bethesda is offering the Season Pass at a discounted rate of $30 with its actual price being $40.

According to a report from a popular website, one particular player has completed the game without killing a single living thing found in the game. Fallout 4 is an action game at its core and it is normal for players to resort to violence and killings.

However, a player by the name of Kyle Hinckley has reportedly finished off the game without having to kill any human beings or any other living creature of the game.

Since Fallout 4 first made its appearance, various players have been trying to complete the game without recording a single kill. Apparently, Kyle Hinckley has been successful in achieving this difficult feat.

Now, some might think that the whole thing might be just a hoax. Actually, it is not as the player has even recorded this arduous task on video to support his claim.

He stated in an interview with Kotaku that his initial attempts to beat the game without killing anyone, were met with failures. He decided to build a new character for the task and he named that character Dizzy.