Chelsy Davy: Looks Stunning In Ripped Jeans, Happy To Gooseberry!

Chelsy Davy was visiting an art gallery in Mayfair where she caught attention with her radiating looks. Her skin glowed with a bronze tinge, and she made many a head turn. Known for her casual look, Chelsy seemed to be making her forte into dressing sophisticatedly now that she is approaching her thirties.

Chelsy was recently also seen with her girlfriends attending the opening of a new eatery in town called The Ivy Garden in Chelsea. Davy had quite a few friends attending the party but was seen particularly in the company of Irene Forte, the daughter of hotel tycoon Rocco Forte.

Chelsy Davy and Irene Forte are very close friends, and the two were spotted together at the wedding reception of Caspar MacDonald-Hall at the Syon Park estate of Duke of Northumberland. Chelsy didn’t have a date to go with and was a gooseberry to Irene and her boyfriend, Jacobi Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe.

There is a lot of buzz about why Chelsy is accompanying Irene and Jacobi on holidays and wedding parties. There was a photo on their recent trip to Ibiza and Turkey where Chelsy was sitting on Jacobi’s lap. In another photo at a wedding, Chelsy was spotted in Jacobi’s arms, with her hand on his tummy, while Irene looked distracted.

What is happening here? We are all waiting for Prince Harry to be back in town so that Chelsy doesn’t need to be the third wheel anymore.