Chances of an Upcoming Half-Life 3 with the Release of New Source 2 Engine!

Currently, Half-Life 3 has become the most anticipated title of all time, primarily because of the strong popularity of its memes, since the last couple of years. Gamers have introduced crazy new theories and ideas in order to persuade the developers. Things are now quite serious as fans continue to protest on this title’s confirmation.

It seems like, sooner or later, Valve will have to give in and start developing it. Meanwhile, Valve finally unleashed Source Engine 2, which is now being considered as one of the pivotal steps in releasing this game. Valve declared that the new engine is quite designer-friendly and aims at increasing the maker productivity. Reports suggest that this new engine isn’t limited to the professional creators.

In future, using this engine, gamers will be able to create their favorite titles while it remains free for the content developers. After Valve had unveiled the new engine at GDC, predictions erupted that they will be using it to refresh one of Valve’s critically acclaimed series: Left 4 Dead or Half-Life. At the same time, chances of a new IP should also be considered. It’s impossible to disregard the chances for a Half-Life 3. However, thanks to Valve, the interest regarding this game is slowly fading.

Do you think Half-Life 3 will ever be released? Stay tuned for more updates on this title!