Castle Season 8: Rick and Kate to Continue to Put Up Broken-Up Appearances in Public in the 9th Episode, 9th Season Likely to Get Canceled!

Fans are not at all happy with the current situation of Rick and Kate’s relationship. The fact that they have to appear to have separated in public is not going down well with them. Angry fans are slamming the showrunners on social media for deciding to maintain a broken-up appearance for Rick and Kate.

One fan stated that it looks like the showrunners were the only ones enjoying the current storyline of the show. He pointed out that with the current situation, the show is bound to get low ratings which might result in the cancellation of another season of Castle.

Majority of the fans share the same view and the reason for this might be that if the couple continue to fight in public, it will mean lesser screen time of them being together. Fans will get a lesser chance to witness the on-screen chemistry of Kate and Rick that they have come to love over the years.

Castle season 8 will return to TV with its 9th episode on ABC on Feb 1, 2016. This particular episode will feature Rick and Kate working together to solve the LokSat. It will reportedly feature some light and funny moments between the characters too.

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