Castle Season 8: Rick and Kate to Continue to Put Up Broken-Up Appearances in Public in the 9th Episode, 9th Season Likely to Get Canceled!

Castle is an American crime drama series created by Andrew W. Marlowe. It made its debut on ABC on March 9, 2009.The series is jointly produced by Beacon Pictures and ABC studios and it is currently in its eighth season.

The latest spoilers for the show states that the relationship of Rick Castle played by Nathan Fillion and Kate Beckett played by Stana Katic will still be in a broken state in season 8. The episode 9 of season 8 will be aired next year and it will show Rick and Kate hiding the actual status of their relationship.

Terrence Paul, the co-showrunner of Castle stated in an interview with Zap2it that when in public, Rick and Kate will still be seen fighting. However, all of it will just be for show.

They will try to make an impression that their relationship is still in a broken state, but in reality, the couple is secretly back together and fans can expect them to slide into each other’s places for spending time and sleeping together.

The breakup of the couple in season 8 came as a shock to many fans and since then they have been hoping to see them get back together at some point in the show.

Looks like their prayers have been answered, as after having some initial difficulty in forgiving Kate for shutting him out from her life, Rick has decided to give one more try to their marriage.

However, some fans are not happy with the idea of the couple keeping the actual status of their relationship hidden. Nevertheless, fans are definitely relieved to know that the couple will be seen reunited in season 8 and it was reported in a renowned site that a teaser clip showed the duo kissing and cozying up with each other in a bed.

Other rumors doing rounds on the internet state that there might be a possibility that the show might not get a ninth season because of the drop in the ratings of the current season. Mr. and Mrs.

Castle which was the last episode of the show to be aired managed to acquire a mere 1.1 rating with a total viewership of 6.7 million people. Paul Lee, an ABC executive had previously stated that he wanted to continue airing Castle on ABC for many more years to come by.

Looking at the current ratings of the show, Lee might have to change his decision and cancel the show altogether in future.

The ratings of the show might sport an upward climb, now that fans have come to know that Rick and Kate are back together. The on-screen love and chemistry of the couple have been greatly appreciated by millions of viewers, and fans who were longing for a “Caskett” reunion are in for a treat once the show returns with its 9th episode next year.

The developers will most likely try to incorporate the characters in some new and interesting storylines in the show in order to start drawing increased number of viewers once again.

Similar speculations had previously started building up earlier in the current year when the contracts of several key members of the cast of the show had expired and had to be renewed.

The contract of Stana Katic was renewed after the conclusion of the 7th season of the show and the 8th season was also announced by ABC at around the same time.

Show co-runners Terrence Paul and Alex Hawley were recently criticized by fans for allegedly reusing old ideas and storylines from the previous seasons of the show.

Hawley recently stated that one episode in the current season will be dedicated to the disappearance of Rick Castle. Hawley also added that the developers have not yet finished working on the said episode’s storyline.