Blomkamp Decides To Make Alien 5, Indicates It Won’t Interfere With Prometheus 2!

Ridley Scott started the cerebral space horror franchise with Alien, and James Cameroon continued the legacy with a thrill ride in its sequel known as ‘Aliens’. After that, one of the biggest franchises in cinema started fading somewhat. With the release of Alien 3, viewers were offered a rather underwhelming conclusion.

Meanwhile, years later the big-budget Alien resurrection title made a lot of noises but confused the viewers to an even greater degree.  Finally, after 20 years of hushed whispering and constant humor, we shall witness a new Alien film that brings the franchise to a definitive and satisfying conclusion. Right now, a lot of questions and rumors are running all around the internet. People are asking how the story will unfold and how things will be picked up again after the last two movies. These are the primary questions which the upcoming film will need to answer.

In the meantime, will the background be set within 2 and 3? How will the makers account for the age of the characters and the elapsed time? Will the story be introduced in the same timeline or an alternative one? There are many ideas, and each of them has their pros and cons. At the same time, the chances of making this a reality seem rather endless. Very little information is available till now, but little pieces of information have either been let slip or slowly teased out.

Conventionally, there have been long pauses between Alien movies. However, Xenomorph fans are presently in Cloud Nine thanks to information that suggests Ridley Scott’s Prometheus 2 and Neil Blomkamp’s untitled ‘Alien 5’ is being simultaneously developed. During an interview with Empire, Ridley Scott declared that his sequel will not have any link with Scott’s pseudo prequel.

Blomkamp revealed that he changed the one single thing that was a disturbance in the Prometheus franchise. He confessed that it felt really good to witness Ridley producing the movie, and the latter likes the idea of what he wishes to make. Meanwhile, Blomkamp made it clear that the first two films in the Alien franchise are the ones that he really cares about. He jokingly revealed that the third film could be called Alien 3 and at the same time maintained a poker face regarding the actual title.