Batman: Arkham Knight Delayed Till June, New Gameplay Footage Released!

Presently, we have received more details on Batman Arkham Knight. Reports indicate that the Harley Quinn downloadable pack is coming soon. According to the Batman Arkham Knight Amazon page, through Cinemablend, this exclusive DLC will permit players to assume the role of Harley Quinn and wreak complete devastation in the Blüdhaven Police Department. However, the games will need to pre-order the game first.

The story showcased in the DLC pack will take place before the events of Arkham Knight. It tasks Harley Quinn with the mission to infiltrate Blüdhaven in order to rescue Poison Ivy. The Harley Quinn DLC was announced last year in July and will comprise of four challenge maps that allow gamers to play as the jester. At the same time, gamers will be able to utilize her unique weapons, abilities, and gadgets.

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare missions were announced at E3. Hence, there will be a substantial amount of downloadable content available for Batman Arkham Knight. Now, you can check out what the game looks like on the PlayStation 4 with the recently released gameplay footage. It is scheduled to launch on 23rd June for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

In the meantime, it seems like Warner Bros. Interactive will not be releasing any physical copies of Batman: Arkham Knight PC version. This news comes thanks to retailer The digital-only PC release will take place on 23rd June along with all the console versions. Joe Anderson from ShopTo tweeted that the game will not be released on disc and later clarified to fans that he was informed about this by the game’s suppliers. At the same time, physical copies pertaining to the PC release are being listed on GAME and Amazon.

The official tweet from Joe Anderson (@_wotta) March 24, 2015 says, ‘’ Arkham Knight is no longer being released on PC on Disc. Digital only.’’ Furthermore, Rocksteady recently announced that the upcoming title could be released for a second time until late June. Even last year the game’s release date was shifted eight months from its original October 2014 launch. Sadly, it has again slipped a further three weeks.