Multiplayer Team of ‘The Last of Us’ Currently Working on Uncharted 4 Multiplayer!

A range of high profile departures took place in 2014 and the ultimate delay of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End to 2016 has shaken the faith of a lot of hardcore gamers. Recent reports indicate that the team which was responsible for the amazing mode for ‘The Last of Us’ is currently toiling hard for the multiplayer gameplay of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Robert Cogburn, Lead Multiplayer Designer of Uncharted 4, confirmed the news and added that fellow multiplayer designers Robert Ryan and Quentin Cobb were also a part of the Uncharted 4 Team.

Before this, it was believed that Erin Daly, The Lead Multiplayer Designer of The Last of Us would be the one leading this team. This declaration was followed by news of Robert Krekel, SCEA Product Development Services Group Sound Designer, entering Naughty Dog in order to take on the role of Senior Sound designer. According to a report from DualShockers, Krekel earlier worked on titles like ‘The Last of Us’, ‘Starhawk’, ‘Twisted Metal’ and Uncharted 3 along with other Sony Classics.

During a recent interview with GamesRadar, Game Director Bruce Straley and Creative Director Neil Druckmann of Uncharted 4 discussed the production of their previous title. They reflected on the lessons they have learned while making their previous title, ’’The Last of Us’’.  Critics and gamers worldwide considered this game as a masterpiece.

He hopes that other developers will take note of their success and spend more time to ensure the creation of well-rounded characters. He hopes that the title will inspire developers to lay a great deal of emphases on characters, even if they are making an all-out action game. The characters need to be taken seriously and treated honestly.

According to him, the developers need to really love their cast and work their brain in order to make the players connect more with the in-game characters. RPGs, branching adventure games or shooters, characters are should be utmost importance.