Bishop John Barres Moves to New York

Catholic faithful in Allenton were moved with tears after news went viral that Bishop John Barres is set to be relocated to New York. The bishop has served in the dioceses since 2009 and now assumes a better position as the Rockville’s diocese bishop.

The 56-year-old is set to be installed in this position January 31st. He will later take full responsibility of leading this suburban diocese. The Rockville’s diocese serves a larger population of 1.5 million Catholics in the Suffolk and Nassau counties. It is arguably the sixth largest population of Catholics in the United States. Barres thanked his faithful at Allentown and stated that he will always remember them. Though moved by the news of his transfer, he looked calm and composed. He encouraged church members to walk in faith.

Barres is one of the most trusted, dedicated and faithful catholic prelates who serves members without favors or prejudice. Growing up as a youth, he was a staunch catholic believer. He was ordained as a catholic priest in 1989 after his seminary studies at the famous Catholic University of America. Due to his dedication to serving God, he went further to study canon law and was ordained as an associate pastor soon after returning to Pontifical University to earn his doctorate of theology degree in 1999.

Unlike many other catholic bishops, Barres is and active social media users. He takes time to post a lot of educative and spiritual messages in his twitter account. He has a large following of twitter users who support him in his service to tend the flock. He shares many pictures of his parishioners and countless videos of his spiritual teachings. He has played a major role in fiercely attacking negative vices practiced in Allentown. He encourages his members to run away from issues that are affecting most American citizens in the current times. He does not support issues like same-sex marriage, prostitution, and abortion.

Barres becomes the first bishop of Allentown Dioceses to be transferred. The previous three bishops retired in their respective offices. Barres has played a major role in Allentown changing a lot of contradictory Catholic teachings that seemed to affect the dioceses. He is a well-liked prelate who takes his time to relate and listen to issues that affect his congregates. His diocese has wished him a better life in New York as he continues with his mission of preaching the wonderful, incorruptible, good news of Christ.