Donald Trump to Remain as Producer of the Apprentice Show

As the United States prepares to usher in a new era, the celebrity circle, especially the Apprentice show will remain as one of the biggest beneficiaries as the president-elect will continue to be at the show. There were fears that the show was going to be nothing without the input of Mr. Trump.

Though initially, Donald Trump was pushed to drop his interest in most of his businesses, he is bound to continue as the executive producer of the Apprentice, a show he has co-hosted for the past 14 seasons.

According to an official from Burnett’s the NMG studio where the show premiere, the president-elect will remain credited as one of the executive producers.

However, in most of his tweets today, a characteristic part of the firebrand television celebrity host turned President; Mr. Trump has said that there is no conflict of interest in retaining the post of the producer.However, some NBC Television staff on whose platform airs the show airs skeptical as they read mischief on the move.

NBC officials could not be available for comments. It is also not confirmed yet the amount of money the president-elect will pocket from the show.

Though, some media personalities whose identity remain anonymous felt that by remaining at the helm of the show while serving as the US President, there is a conflict of interest, in particular on the NBC reporting.

Though NBC entertainment had threatened to sever ties with the president-elect during the campaigns due to some issues, there is no clear reason for the change of heart in spite of the unresolved policy matters that Trump raised in his campaign.

According to the US law, the president is required to have no direct business dealings that may affect the perception of the public on how he conducts the affairs of the state.Trump, the controversial businessman, hosted the last session of the Apprentice on NBC in 2005 and pundits will be keen at how the show will affect the performance of the president-elect when it airs.

Following various meetings that Mr. Bunnett has had in the recent past with Mr. Trump, it is clear that their business relationship is still intact in spite of the issues which were seen t be derogatory, especially the one on groping women that went viral.

It is clear the decision to retain Trump at the show seems to have been primarily informed by the vast business interest he has had in the Apprentice show, which he seems not ready to relinquish in spite the requirement by the law.

More on this is yet to come out in the coming days as America prepares to inaugurate the TV celebrity as the new president in late January 2017.