Kirk Douglas becomes a centenarian

Today is one of those rare moments when the world marks the birthday of a centenarian. December 9, 2016 is the birthday of none other than Kirk Douglas. The film legend turned 100 on this very day. He was born on December 9, 1916.

According to sources close to the Jewish star’s family, his 100th birthday is set to be celebrated in style. Douglas will be joined by his family and friends in a lavish afternoon event set in Beverly Hills. Also in attendance will be various government officials and world leaders whom Douglas has partnered with in one way or another in the past. The event will be presided over by Douglas’ personal rabbi, David Wolpe. Wolpe is a rabbi at LA’s Sinai Temple. He has been directing Douglas’ weekly Torah lessons ever since the actor enrolled as a Torah student at the LA temple.

A chance to taste some alcohol

Douglas’ 100th birthday is coming as a little source of relief for him, the centenarian is going to get a once off chance to have some vodka. Douglas had been restricted from taking alcohol by his cardiologist Dr P.K Shah. Shah had however promised Douglas that he would get to have a glass of vodka if he made it to 100. Because he has made it to 100 and a promise is a debt, Douglas will most certainly have his glass of brew.

Douglas’ grand birthday bash is said to have been organised by his son Michael and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. Michael and his wife Catherine are also filmstars. Michael has an Oscar to his name. Michael and Catherine will serve as the hosts for their old and wise man’s 100th birthday party.

A stellar film career

Douglas has made a mark in the Hollywood industry. He has not only contributed to the industry by starring in epic films such as The Vikings and Spartacus but also by seeing an end to Hollywood blacklist. For those who may not be quite familiar with the term, Hollywood blacklist refers to a 20th century act of denying employment to filmstars and filmmakers who had ties with the communist authorities. Douglas risked losing his hard-earned Hollywood career and demanded that Darlton Trumbo be credited with writing Spartacus. Trumbo’s name had for a long time been omitted from the Spartacus’ list of writers owing to his communist ties.

In terms of awards, Douglas has won a number of awards including Golden Globes, BAFTA/ LA Britannia, New York Film Critics Circle Award, and an Oscar Award among many more awards and great honors. In spite of being nominated thrice for Oscars with Champion, Bad & the Beautiful, and Lust for Life, Douglas only won an Oscar once. This was a honorary lifetime achievement award in 1996.

Marriage and children

Douglas has been married twice. In 1943, he got married to his first wife Diana Dill. Douglas and Dill got two children Michael and Joel with each other. The two of them however divorced in 1951. Afterwards in 1954, Douglas got married to Anne Buydens. The two of them got sons Peter and Eric together.

Away from everything, you can only wish Kirk Douglas well as he celebrates his century equal years of life.