BioWare Drops DLC Releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles, Rumors Indicate Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC to Provide a Closure, And More

However, things don’t stay hidden for long and a recent marketing survey revealed that the next DLC will feature the ultimate fate of Inquisition and it could turn out to be the last adventure.

The DLC’s story will make gamers face ‘the one who started it all’. It will be about confronting a great evil before it gets too late. In other news, EA just launched a free trial version of Dragon Age: Inquisition on PC.

The Origin members will be able to play Dragon Age: Inquisition for about six hours which is enough to provide a significant insight into the story. Reports indicate that the game’s multiplayer mode is now available for free.

Similar to other EA titles, this is a smart move from the gaming giant since Inquisition’s online mode offers paid-for-packs for random items. This can be compared to the enjoyable multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3. Keep in mind that this offer is available for a limited-time only and the website is unclear about how long this will be.

Meanwhile, the game’s executive producer confirmed that the upcoming DLC will not establish any links with the game’s primary antagonist, Corypheus.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC!

4 thoughts on “BioWare Drops DLC Releases for Xbox 360 and PS3 Consoles, Rumors Indicate Upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC to Provide a Closure, And More”

  1. Good, glad they’re dumping the support for the old consoles, which were a drag on the industry in the first place.

  2. Always nice to be tossed aside, violently, because you don’t have $400+ just sitting around in the “Emergency Game Screw Over Fund” box. It’s not like anyone has to support a family, pay off debts, save up a college fund for their kids, pay medical bills because of health issues, get a car so they can actually go to work, move into a new home with room for a new baby, save up money for a friend or family member’s birthday, or any other numerous silly little things like that. Goodness no, forget all that and fork over even more money for a game you already own, just so you can see how it really ends.

  3. Really Chris? the next gen consoles have been out for 2 yrs now. If you couldn’t of saved up $400 (or less depending on various deals) for a new console by now (like you did for last gen consoles), you don’t need to be playing next gen stuff. Stop complaining and whining and prioritize! If you want crappy games that get held back by old systems, then keep supporting old gen… but if you want to experience the full potential of consoles, stop supporting old stuff and save $20 bucks here and there and buy a new console. Like I said…. 2 yrs now…. if you saved $20 a month for 2 yrs, you would’ve had enough for a new console plus a game. Stop crying about old stuff and get on that next level. You sound like you’re 10 but you’re complaining about things that happen in life. If you have to save for a friends’ present, you don’t need a new console.

  4. This makes glad I didn’t my this new game from shitware, because from what I hear it sucks just like all there games

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