Software Bug Results in Land Rover Recalling 65000 Cars, Luxury Car Lovers Should Check Out the New Autobiography Sport, And More

The 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is truly a one-of-a-kind vehicle and delivers monstrous performance compared to other SUVs in the modern market. This is certainly not because of the performance itself but also due to the sheer number of variants that it comes in.

The hot rod SVR model was added this year and the Sport edition is currently available in seven kinds of trims covering a huge price spread. With the latest range of 2015 Land Rover vehicles, it is expected that people with different kinds of SUV tastes and preferences will be easily satisfied. People who are looking for speed should choose the SVR Model.

On the other hand, if you prefer a luxurious and elegant ride, the Range Rover Sport Autobiography is perfect for you. Some of the fantabulous features in the luxurious Autobiography edition include a heated steering wheel, 16-way power front seats, center console cooler, heated rear seats, tri-zone climate control, 19-speaker Meridian Sound System, and surround view camera along with 21-inch wheels.

However, this isn’t all! Land Rover decided to introduce two-tone and three-tone interior color schemes in order to cater to a wide variety of preferences. If you don’t prefer red, there are many other color combinations and schemes that you’ll love.

The Autobiography edition simply screams luxury. It is finished with the best quality materials with the door pockets trimmed in a soft, unoriginal suede-like material. People who prefer more than a lush interior will definitely love many other high-end options like the bombastic 1400-watt Meridian system which is an upgrade over the earlier 825-watt system.

However, everything isn’t perfect inside. The gauge cluster inside should be more customizable so that driver can see whatever information he wishes to see. The 2015 Land Rover seats are a bit difficult to slide into. The cushion at the bottom is just acceptable while the upper portion remains hard and rough.

Meanwhile, the infotainment system included in this package is slow as it takes a long time to respond accurately to the touch commands. That being said, the rear seats are quite comfortable. The Luxurious 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Autobiography is amazingly fast. It goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour within five seconds which is quite impressive for an SUV weighing over 5000 pounds.

Under the hood is a 5.0 Liter supercharged V8 engine which churns out 510bhp and 461lb-ft. of torque. According to Land Rover, this vehicle can hit a top speed of 140mph which is blisteringly fast. Sadly, all this performance creates a heavy impact on fuel efficiency and mileage which is rated at 14mpg city and 19mpg highway.

Furthermore, you better not decide to go off-roading with this vehicle as the 21inch wheels isn’t ideal for raging over backwoods trails. It is the best vehicle in its class but more of an on-road Range Rover.

However, things aren’t really going well for Land Rover right now. According to BBC, more than 65000 Range Rover and Range Rover Sports cars have been recalled due to a software bug in the central locking system. This glitch will allow thieves to easily steal this car.

According to a BBC report, the flaw has been in this system for about two years. The news further stated that thieves were primarily targeting the BMW X5 and Land Rover vehicles due to a fault in their system.

The thieves are using a handheld blackbox to unlock and start the cars with keyless ignition systems. This is not a new issue as earlier researchers found it was easy to open around 2.2 million BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce cars after finding a security hole in these vehicles’ ‘ConnectedDrive Technology’.