Software Bug Results in Land Rover Recalling 65000 Cars, Luxury Car Lovers Should Check Out the New Autobiography Sport, And More

Recently, Land Rover announced that it will be conducting a recall on various Range Rover models that were manufactured between 2013 and 2016. The list also includes Range Rover Sport models that were introduced in 2014-2016, in order to fix an issue in the door latch system.

The problem caused the door to open unexpectedly while driving. Reports indicate that 11,700 out of the 65,352 vehicles that were recalled globally are located in United Arab Emirates. Reports further indicate that 7532 of these are Range Rover models and the remaining 4188 cars are Range Rover Sport models.

In other news, there were reports that insurers are unwilling to extend any cover to Range Rover owners unless they had parked in car parks which are secure and off the street. A spokesperson from Thatcham research declared that ignition systems that feature keyless entry have been vulnerable for quite some time.

There were many cars being targeted by thieves and Range Rover was one of them. The thieves are stealing the cars by plugging a device into the port which helped in the re-programming of a blank key.

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