Bethenny Frankel Might Have Saved the Real Housewives of New York, Ramona Feels Sexier After Surgery!

The same should happen to Bethenny Frankel since she has been too loud with her protests and even though she says that she ‘gives no f__ks”, the audience can look right through her.She is emotionally bankrupt and it’s coming off in a really unhinged manner. Jules Wainstein can be rather cute and funny and once you get to know her, her sense of humor becomes more apparent.

She has been spending MichaelD2’s money (hard-earned) on a couple of ceramic breasts, from Jonathan Adler. Jules landed Ramona Singer while Bethenny and Secret Santa are throwing a caviar Christmas party. Meanwhile, Dorinda Medley is still spinning from the latest issue between John and Ramona and at the same time, she is giving second chances to her.

Meanwhile, the confrontation between Luann and Bethenny continues strong in Season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny decided to go after Sonja Morgan along with her new Tipsy Girl product in the latest 8th episode.

Bethenny decided to have her uninvited her from the Berkshires. In the meantime, Julianna Weinstein is facing a family emergency and that put an abrupt halt to her first weekend away with the ladies.

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