Prison Break Season 6 Depends on the Success of Season 5, Cast Members Post On-Set Photos from Morocco!

Prison Break’s revival season is yet to be aired and fans are already wondering whether there will be a 6th season in this hit TV series. You should note that just recently a trailer for Prison Break Season 5 was released.

A report from Movie News Guide indicates that the decision of making another season will depend on the overall performance of Season 5, further depending on the show’s ratings. You should remember that the show was halted about four seasons. Thankfully for fans, the production team realized that it would be worthwhile to release a 5th season. This will make the show 15 years old and continuing.

Reports indicate that Prison Break Season 5 will have the ninth episode as its last and it will be a very short series. This has created a major buzz among the Prison Break fans. Fans are wondering how Season 6 will be after a very short Season 5. A Twitter user asked why Season 5 was only limited to nine episodes.

Does this indicate that there won’t be an expansion to another season? In response to that, the people behind the show gave some hope, declaring that only nine episodes have been planned till now but if the ratings are great, there are chances of more.

People have been highly anticipating those parts of the show with an older Michael Scofield, played by Wentworth Miller. The revival season will be a 6-year jump so this sounds quite logical. It will be interesting to notice the person behind the role of teenager Mike.

Besides Mike, the promotional video also featured the other characters like Dominic Purcell’s Lincoln Burrows, Sarah Wayne’s Dr. Sarah Tancredi and Robert Knepper’s T-Bagwell. With Season 5 of Prison Break, the cast and crew have moved to incredibly hot Morocco compared to the pleasant and wonderful Vancouver, in order to start filming.

According to the latest reports, Season 5 will be based on a Middle-Eastern Setup and this shoot location is apparently a major issue for the actors. Purcell posted on Twitter that the night before, he was sick as a dog with food poisoning and spend the whole night vomiting. Again, he worked in around 45 degrees.

He reported that it is not even summer in Morocco. On his Instagram, Purcell has been posting photos about regular updates from the Morocco shoot. He was spotted with hats and umbrellas in order to protect himself from the direct rays of the sun.

Rockmund Dunbar plays C-Note in the series and he dropped some amazing on-set photos, right from Morocco. Reports indicate that he will be disguising himself as a Middle Eastern resident so that he can help Lincoln Burrows in planning out greatest escape for his brother Michael Scofield, portrayed by Wentworth Miller.

The trailer which was teased recently, showed the stars entering a Moroccan prison in order to find Scofield. In the trailer, the country is shown in its most majestic form.

Another report indicates that Prison Break will finish filming in Morocco by 17th June, 2016. Shoot locations for the show include Ouarzazate, Casablanca, and Rabat.

Reports indicate that Sarah Wayne Callies will return to Prison Break in the upcoming Season 5. Also, one of the major characters will die in the 5th season. In the 2005 Prison Break, Dr. Sara Tancredi’s role was played by Callies and she will again reprise her role as Michael’s love interest in Season 5, as reported by Digital Spy. In the trailer, fans will see that her son is all set to ask her about the nature of his father.