Batman Arkham Knight: Brand new DLC Set to Bring in 2008 Movie Skin for Batman, Host of Other Contents to Come Alongside it, Community Challenge Coming in January, And More

Keeping these requests and suggestions in mind, Rocksteady made the decision as to which maps should be included in Arkham Knight.

Five maps from Batman: Arkham City and one from Batman: Arkham Asylum were finally shortlisted to be included in Batman: Arkham Knight.

These are- The Sanitorium Medical Facility map from Batman: Arkham Asylum and the Batcave map, the Iceberg Lounge map, the Crime Alley map and the Monarch Theatre map, all from Batman: Arkham City.

The Wayne Manor Main Hall will be included in the Predator Challenge Maps. Apart from this, other maps that will be included in the Predator Challenge are the Batcave and the Sanitorium Medical Facility. The Iceberg Lounge, the Crime Alley and the Monarch Theatre will feature in the list of Combat Challenge Maps.

In other news, Rocksteady is apparently hiring developers who are specialized in multiplayer gaming development. Though the multiplayer mode has featured in previous Batman games, it has never really been a strong point for the series.

Looking for developers with multiplayer experience might be an indication that the company is planning on developing and incorporating a serious multiplayer mode in Batman games in future.

Stay tuned for more update on Batman: Arkham Knight.