Batman Arkham Knight: Brand new DLC Set to Bring in 2008 Movie Skin for Batman, Host of Other Contents to Come Alongside it, Community Challenge Coming in January, And More

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest addition to the immensely popular series of Batman games from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The game was developed by Rocksteady Studios and it falls under the action-adventure video games category. Batman: Arkham Knight was launched for PC, PS4, Xbox One, OS X and Linux on 23rd June 2015.

Arkham Knight fans have already seen a lot of DLCs released for the game and latest reports state that another expansion pack is on the way towards fans in the recent future.

The DLC which will launch on 22nd December will bring in a series of new titles to the game among other updates and new aspects.

According to a renowned website, the expansion pack will bring forth new titles, the Season Of Infamy: Most Wanted Expansion being one of them.

Some vintage Batman nemesis will also come to the game through the DLC which include – Killer Croc in Mission: Beneath the Surface, Mad Hatter in Mission: Wonderland, Mr. Freeze in Mission: In From the Cold and Ra’s Al Ghul in Mission: Shadow War.

It is being speculated that more time will be required to complete these missions than what is required to complete the missions in previous Arkham Episodes.

Reports are stating that these missions are expected to come with an average time of one hour required for completion and they will be just about of the same length as the game’s Most Wanted Missions.

The update will also bring the 2008 Batman movie skin along with the Original Arkham Batmobile to the game. The Crime Fighter Challenger Pack #5 and 6TBC AR Challenges will also be included in the DLC.

Two of the AR Challenges will be dedicated to Azrael and Harley Quinn. Previously, other characters have already been in focus in these types of challenges, which makes the inclusion of Azrael and Harley Quinn in the AR Challenges a good thing for the game.

The classic costume of Harley Quinn will reportedly be introduced to the game as a playable skin through a future update. Another character, Red Hood will also get his Arkham Knight costume incorporated into the game through the update.

The 2008 costume from the Dark Knight movie will come for free along with the game when it is purchased. However, the fans who are in possession of the Season Pass are going to be the first ones to receive the costume in the game.

The $40 Season pass will enable fans to get access to all the contents of the DLC for free. Selective download is also an option as fans who don’t want the complete expansion pack will be able to download aspects of it individually.

A Community Challenge has been announced by the developer which is scheduled for a January 2016 release.

It has also been stated by Rocksteady that an update for the game which will be soon released will work towards fixing certain in-game bugs and errors.

Apart from bugs fixing the update will enhance the rain effects of the game. Rocksteady announced that the in-game rain will appear heavier than they are at present after the update is applied to the game.

The update will make its appearance for PC at a later date in the current year while the Xbox One and the PS4 versions will be released sometime early next year.

Previously, Rocksteady held a survey in which fans were asked as to which maps from two other games of the series, Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Asylum would they like to see incorporated into Batman: Arkham Knight.

The discussion panel was overflowing with responses as enthusiastic fans came forward with various requests and suggestions regarding the different maps of their choice to be included in Arkham Knight.