Banshee Season 4 Uses Flashback To Keep The Viewers Updated, Connects With The Audience And Defies Their Expectations!

Banshee has always been great in defying the expectations of the viewers and this is exactly what they did in the last episode. The series is all about answering the mysteries and it does so with the help of the flashbacks and the time jumps.

Last week showed a flashback with Rebecca staggering into a hospital. She was completely beaten up and bloody and drops on the floor unconscious.

Banshee Season 4 opened with a two year time jump and the showrunners are going to fill in the viewers about what happened in the two years with the help of flashback sequences. The viewers suddenly found the characters in a given situation and they are very excited to find out with the help of the flashback sequences, how they ended up in this mess.

Banshee has characters that connect with the audience. No matter how weird, or bloody they can get, there are nuances and a certain degree of vulnerability of the characters that make the viewers care for them. Banshee might be about ruthless action, killing and explicit sexual scenes, but it has always managed to rise above them and come out with something deeper and meaningful.

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