Avril Lavigne Spotted Together with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger at Juno Awards, States That They Still Love Each Other!

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress who was born on 27th September, 1984. Avril Lavigne in the past had tied the knots with Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger. However, the marriage did not last long as both of them announced that they were separating from each other just after two years of marriage.

In September 2015. Avril Lavigne herself confirmed through social media that they were seeking a divorce. She posted the following on her Instagram account- “It is with heavy hearts that Chad and I announce our separation today.”

Even after their separation the couple continued to be in touch with each other and they were even seen at a recording studio sitting next to each other. There was not a single hint of uneasiness on their faces with each other’s presence. Musicians Stephan Hovsepian and Zane Carney too were present in the studio alongside the once estranged couple.

The couple was spotted together on the Red Carpet at the pre-Grammys party hosted by Clive Davis on Valentine’s Day. Their appearance together on a red carpet came after many years.

At the Juno Awards which was held in Canada recently, they were spotted together again on the Red Carpet. Quite naturally, they were flocked by the media and everyone had one question as to how they are doing at the current moment.

They answered the question by stating that they were quite well and Chad Kroeger even referred to Avril Lavigne as his date. He revealed that it was Lavigne who had asked him to accompany her to the party of Clive Davis in February and this time around, Kroger asked Lavigne to accompany him to the Juno Awards.

He stated- “She asked me a couple months ago if I would come be her date at the Grammy’s at Clive Davis’s party, a really good time, then this came up and I said, ‘You want to come to the Juno’s?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sure.'”

He also added that he had become tired of walking around with his band members and thus he decided to get a “hottie” instead, referring to Lavigne as he spoke.

Kroeger’s band had managed to get nominated in the Category of Rock Album of the Year at the Juno Awards. Their album- No Fixed Address was the one that won the nomination. However, unfortunately the album remained from winning the Rock Album of the Year award as it went to The Physical World by the band Death From Above 1979.

As for Lavigne, she stated that she was not there to perform, instead she came to support Chad and be with him. It is a known fact that she had in the past suffered from a bad case of Lyme disease which left her bedridden for quite some time.

She stated that she is slowly getting her life back together after the setback. She also added that she and Chad shared a great bond of friendship and they will continue to work together in the future. They both started working together in the studio and it is very important for them to maintain a proper relation with each other in order to keep working together.

She also mentioned about Kroeger’s throat surgery at the same time pointing out- “That’s life, right? Full of ups and downs. We love each other and we always will.”

She did not forget to mention all the support that she has been getting from Chad and her family after she was diagnosed with Lyme disease. She pointed out that all the support is helping her to get back into her normal life.

Lavigne was recently spotted in Bahamas. Apparently, she was visiting Bahamas at that time and she even posted pictures of herself in the beautiful island country on her Instagram account.