The Good Wife Season 7 Finale Will See Alicia’s Party Getting Messed Up, Gardner To Make An Appearance, Report On A Possible Spin-Off!

The finale of The Good Wife Season 7 is right around the corner and Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) still doesn’t have any respite from her troubles. Peter (Chris North) had said that he wants to remain married until after his trial is over. The fans have been waiting for Alicia to reveal her decision on the matter and she will finally come out to state that she wants the divorce to take place so that she can start a new and simpler life.

Alicia wanted to lead a simpler life with Jason Crouse (Jeffry Dean), her new investigator and the viewers of The Good Wife Season 7 will get to see her start with her new life in the upcoming episode, titled Party. Alicia will throw a wedding party for her former mother-in-law, Jackie (Mary Beth Peil) and her to-be-husband, Howard (Jerry Adler).

Alicia tries to make the event a special one, but it ends up becoming a disaster that she couldn’t avoid. The official synopsis of the upcoming episode has been revealed and according to Christian Today, the night is going to get from bad to worse for Alicia. She plans a pre-wedding party for Jackie and Howard, but nothing goes according to plan.

The episode will also see Eli approaching Jason to investigate Peter in preparation for the impending trial. There are rumors that Will Gardner (Josh Charles) might be back for the very last time in The Good Wife Season 7. Will was killed off in Season 5, but he has always been willing to make a comeback into the series.

Josh Charles said that the entire team of The Good Wife were his family and he would love to return to the show. The character of Will has appeared in flashback sequences and it is going to be in one such sequence that he will be featured in the finale of The Good Wife Season 7.

With the popular political drama coming to an end, the whole team of CBS’s award-winning show was present at the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday. Co-creators of The Good Wife, Michelle and Robert King were present along with Julianna Margulies, who plays the lead role of Alicia Florrick. Also present were Cush Jumbo, who plays the role of Lucca Quin, Matt Czuchry (Cary Agos).

Margulies spoke about her experience of receiving the script for the final episode of The Good Wife. She said that she was so overcome with emotion that she couldn’t speak to anyone for a very long time after going through it.

She said that she was emotionally so wrapped up with her character that she couldn’t bring herself to accept the fact that it was actually coming to an end. Margulies had to speak to her husband and only after she had read the final episode of Season 7 of The Good Wife four times, was she able to accept the reality.

Christian Post reported that Margulies would always send a note to the Kings about her opinion on the script after reading and this time, she did the same. She told them that the script was brilliant. This information has excited the fans beyond words.

Christine Baranski, who plays the role of Diane Lockhart in The Good Wife, also spoke about her experience of reading the script for the very last time. She said that she could finally get a hint on how the Kings worked. They had the ability to make something thoroughly complicated and interesting and ultimately leave the audience surprised.