Avril Lavigne Spotted Together with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger at Juno Awards, States That They Still Love Each Other!

One picture showed her standing against the backdrop of a beautiful sky. The image had a caption which read- “healthy” and “peaceful.” This is definitely a clear indication that the singer has recovered quite well from the Lyme disease and is currently enjoying her life to the fullest.

In other news, Avril Lavigne was one of the victims of the unscrupulous hacker Celebgate. This particular hacker managed to hack into the personal smartphones of over a 100 Hollywood celebrities. He stole a number of personal information from the phones including nude photos of the celebrities.

He then went on to post the photos online for the whole world to see. Among the victims were renowned names like Jenifer Lawrence and Avril Lavigne. A forum was set up in this regard where people visited and posted their comments about the whole incident.

This forum itself was hacked by the hacker and he exposed the identities of all the people who had visited the site. A total of 179,000 identities were exposed by Celebgate.

People owing smartphones are hereby advised to be careful with what they do with them. Phishing scams, using ransomware and malicious advertisings are some of the methods that hackers use to gain access to private information on smartphones.

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