Avril Lavigne Rumored to Be Getting Back with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger, Photos Show Them Jamming Together!

The couple were photographed sitting on a couch together, holding their respective instruments and looked happy and relaxed. Avril Lavigne had clearly had a lot of fun at the jamming session since she learnt how to use a mandolin and picked up a Dixie Chick song on it.

Avril Lavigne has had a tough last year. She had to come to terms with the fact that her marriage had ended and then she had to struggle with Lupus. She had been diagnosed with the disease late last year and had been struggling with it ever since.

Avril Lavigne spoke up about her disease and said that she will give her all to increase the awareness of the disease. He Avril Lavigne Foundation is working hard to spread the awareness of Lupus and is trying to make the medicines and details about the disease available to parents who have children suffering from the disease.

Avril Lavigne shared her experience and said that doctors couldn’t diagnose the disease in the earlier stage and they termed it as depression. She had recently shared a post stating that she has successfully fought the disease and is almost cured.

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