Avril Lavigne Rumored to Be Getting Back with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger, Photos Show Them Jamming Together!

Avril Lavigne seems to be spending more and more time with ex-husband Chad Kroeger. The couple had broken up around September last year and had even posted a joint statement making it clear that the two have decided to end their marriage since they weren’t being able to continue with it. They assured the fans that they will continue being friends and will keep collaborating with each other for music projects.

Soon after their break—up, Avril Lavigne had ended up sharing photos of the two jamming together and tagged the photos stating that they were back where it had all begun. Their close bond and the fact that they were regularly spotted together made the fans hopeful that Avril Lavigne and the Nickelback front-man will get back together.

However, over the course of the next few months the two drifted apart and weren’t spotted together. They spent Christmas without each other and fans were disappointed when they saw no Christmas post from Avril Lavigne had featured Chad Kroeger in it.

Avril Lavigne started living with her close friend Ryan Cabrera, after he broke up. She asked hi to come over and live with her in the mansion once Chad Kroger had moved out and fans felt that the housemates are soon going to end up being more than just that.

Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera started hanging out together. They shopped together for Halloween and would frequently go out to run errands together. The two looked relaxed and completely at ease in each other’s company and the media started linking them together as a couple.

However, neither Avril Lavigne nor Ryan Cabrera made any comment on what being written about them. Some fans took this as a sign of approval, while those who knew the singer well enough knew that she was just being smart and will eventually let her action speak louder.

The world realized that there was nothing happening between her and Ryan Cabrera at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Gala last month. Avril Lavigne was seen at the Gala long with Chad Kroeger and what raised eyebrows was the fact that they had arrived together and were completely color coordinated.

The two posed for the camera together and were seated on the same table as Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper and Gene Simmons. Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger both documented the special night on the social media and they couldn’t gush enough about how much fun they had at the party.

Daily Mail reported that Chad Kroeger didn’t leave Avril Lavigne’s side even once and he was right beside her, holding her gently on her waist as they mingled with the other guests. Avril Lavigne looked stunning in a black gown and she flaunted her million dollar smile all throughout the night.

The two were an item on the dance floor where they were dancing with each other. It is reported that Chad Kroeger had eyes only for his ex-wife and they were enjoying themselves on their own without a care for the world.

The couple had been spotted coming out of different restaurants previously, but this outing seemed to be their way of telling the world that they are back together.

Mail Online reported that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger had been jamming together once again and they were joined by Zane Carney and Stephan Hovsepian. Chad Kroeger had recently had an operation that removed a cyst from his vocal cord and since Nickelback is going to go on their European tour in July, he might be brushing up and getting back in form.