Claire and Jamie Heads to France in Outlander Season 2, Photos of New Character Shared!

Outlander Season 2 will show Jamie and Claire head to the French elite society to try and change the course of the Jacobite war. The time travelling series will see the relationship between Claire and Jamie maturing. Caitriona Balfe, who plays the role of Claire in the series has informed the fans that Jamie and Claire will enjoy a very sweet moment when they realize that Claire is pregnant.

Balfe has also informed that Claire will be away from Jamie in the first half of Outlander Season 2 and she is going to be pregnant in the first half of the series. Balfe revealed to Entertainment Online that she had asked Diana Gabaldon for advice on how to portray the role of the pregnant Claire since she has never been pregnant before and didn’t know how to play the role of one.

Balfe was supposedly very convincing as pregnant and Sam Heughan, who plays the role of Jamie in Outlander Season 2 has informed that the showrunners made the roles involving pregnant Claire very natural and realistic. The scenes with the baby bumps proceeded smoothly and they were fun to do.

Based on the second novel from the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber will see Frank Randall die if the series follows the story that has been penned down by Diana Gabaldon. Movie News Guide has informed that Claire will leave Jamie behind and head to Frank.

Jamie will be fighting the Jacobite while she asks Frank to help her raise the baby, Brianna. She will inform the true parentage of Brianna to her when she is old enough and it will be another crisis that Claire will have to deal with.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are busy promoting Outlander Season 2 and Heughan teased that fans will get to see some old surprises from Season 1 along with new ones. While the first half of Outlander Season 2 will see the pair in France, the second half will see them back in their native Scotland.

The season will be completely different from the first one since it will see new relationships develop and things are going to become more complex.

Since the French society is one of sophistication, the costumes that the characters wore had to be elegant and stylish, unlike the things that they wear back in Scotland. The photos of the upcoming season have already stood out because of the red dress that Claire wears. The readers of the novel know the significance of it while the viewers are waiting to discover it soon.

Terry Dresbach, who is the costume designer for the series has revealed the massive task that the team had to pull out for the costumes for Outlander Season 2. The upcoming season supposedly had 6,500 hangers for all the clothes that were used for the shoot.

According to International Business Times, there is a promotional video for Outlander Season 2 that shows Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe promoting the season. They talk about what the fans can expect from the episode and then the video also gives the fans a montage of videos that show a burning ship and a scene where Jamie and Claire are attending a French party.

Enstarz has released photos of a new character from Outlander Season 2. Andrew Gower is going to play the role of Prince Charles Stuart, who is commonly known as The Bonnie Prince Charles.

He is going to be the person that Claire and Jamie are going to seek to help them change the course of history. Jamie and Claire are going to try and stop the Jacobite rebellion and stop the Battle of Culloden and they will ask Charles Stuart for help.