Avril Lavigne Reunites with Chad Kroeger at Recording Studio, Brie Larson Wanted to Be the Next Avril Lavigne? Let’s See

In the previous month, Lavigne was seen at the Planet Hollywood Hotel where Britney Spears was holding her residency show- Piece of Me. She was accompanied with four of her friends to the show. She even posted an image on her Instagram account that showed herself along with her friends at the event.

As previously reported, Lavigne was recovering from a bad case of Lyme disease. She was diagnosed with the disease back in September 2015. Through a series of Instagram posts, the singer kept her fans updated about her condition.

She revealed that she was gradually recovering after being completely bed-ridden during the post-diagnosis period. During the period of her treatment, she shared an images which showed the singer at a medical facility. It showed a doctor checking on her and it had a caption which read- “Overcoming Lyme Disease.”

Lavigne posted another image which showed the actress with a big smile on her face. A Band-Aid was seen on her arm. It had the caption-  ‘FIGHT and CONQUER !!!!!!!!! #F***LymeDisease.’ Her long struggle with the disease has finally come to an end and she is completely free of it at the present moment.

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