Adam Lambert Making Time from His Original High Tour to Appear in American idol, Talks About Acting and Theatre, More Details

Adam Lambert is one of the most popular alumni of American Idol and he is coming back for the show for a very special episode. The singer who is currently on his tour, Original High, has agreed to make time to appear for an episode of American Idol Season 8.

The show has only six candidates remaining and Just Jared has informed that the episode will see the six candidates belting out numbers that have been picked up by the American audience.

Adam Lambert’s concerts are known to be notorious because of the explicit content that is present in them. This has been the focus of a lot of issues from parent bodies. Adam Lambert has taken this into consideration and he has decided to amend certain things this time round for his Original High tour.

The singer is known for his eccentric and flamboyant style and he has tamed things down for the latest tour. Lambert is known for his eccentric dressing sense, which the audience got a glimpse of during his Idol says. Lambert loves avant–garde street fashion, but with time he has also become fond of contemporary fashion.

The focus is more on the content and not the costumes and the dances accompanying the show. The tour is a major success and there is a good news for the fans of Adam Lambert. The singer is going to go on a second tour with Queen shortly after he is done with his own tour.

Billboard reported that it isn’t just the tour that is different. Adam Lambert’s new album The Original High is also very different from the other albums that he has come out with. Adam Lambert revealed that the album means different things for him and each of the songs are meant for a different thing.

Adam Lambert revealed that he has led a wild life where he has had his share of adventure, has gone out in the wee-hours of the night, has danced away at night clubs and has seen a lot of things in New York, Los Angeles and other parts of the world. After all these experiences when he starts to look back at his life, he realizes that it is all redundant.

He isn’t the 22 year-old that he was once and he has to make something of his life. The Original High album is all about looking back at the ten years of his life and hence it is very personal. It almost traces his journey.

Lambert revealed that the song Ghost Town, had has become so popular is a song that reflects back on the things that shaped his life, the ups and downs and the moments that have helped him grow.

Adam Lambert revealed in an interview at Nashville that he was in between his first tour with Queen when he had two months in Stockholm. That was when he got together with Shellback and Max Martin and recorded the whole album.

He just knew what had to be done and said that the producers were brilliant and they helped him to become an artist and give his best.

Adam Lambert has a lot of plans in his life and they all don’t reveal creating music and touring the world. The singer had a dream of lending his voice to an advertisement campaign and that dream of his came true when he collaborated with Oreo on their new Open Up with Oreo campaign.