Adam Lambert Making Time from His Original High Tour to Appear in American idol, Talks About Acting and Theatre, More Details

Adam Lambert has also appeared on Glee for a minor role and now he has again landed a major role in the remake of The Rocky Horror Show. He had always been a huge fan of the film and he couldn’t believe his luck when he was offered to play the role of Dr. Frankenfurter. However, he wasn’t very sure that the casting for the role was right.

Adam Lambert has been a great champion for the transgender community and has been a pro member of the LGBT community and he felt that for a white man to play the role of a transgender in the current times isn’t really a challenge. The producers thought the same and they finally cast Laverne Cox for the role. Adam Lambert has finally been asked to play the role of Freddie.

The talented singer has also made his mark on the stage with roles in musicals like Hair, Wicked and Ten Commandments: The Musical. When asked if he would be interested in more roles on stage, Lambert seemed interested. He said that the stage lets him be himself.

Lambert is one of the few singers who got his voice insured. He accepted the fact that his voice helps him earn his living and it is his most prices possession and he would go to any length to keep it safe and protected.

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