Features To Be Added In Clash Of Clans, Does Clash Royale Serve As A Better Alternative To COC? Let’s See

A lot of huge updates are coming towards Clash of Clans this year and its fanbase is highly optimistic about the latest features to be implemented. People have a lot of high hopes about Clash of Clans and there are a lot of features that people wish to see implemented. The gem mine is one of the features people are excitedly waiting for.

However, it is highly unlikely that Supercell will ever release a gem mine since gems are actually the way in which Supercell makes money and therefore a gem mine would actually mean nobody will buy gems anymore.

However, a lot of people want this to be implemented and some time back, there was a leak with a gem mine photo revealed but it was never confirmed. People are also looking for a change in the hero mechanic.

A king or queen cannot be used in a clan war when they are being upgraded and this quite bad because they are very vital units in war. The last update added a very useful thing to clans and this was the ability to donate dark spells to the clan members but the community actually wants more.

Fans also want the ability to donate resources to clan members and this would definitely be a useful feature but there are ways in which this can be abused.

For instance, a user could make his account and then create an alternate account while donating resources to that account. There are ways in which this can be prevented and Supercell could definitely find a clever way of proper utilizing the donation system.

In other news, Clash Royale was released and has been hyped to quite an extent. People, especially COC players are wondering whether it is a good alternative to Clash of Clans. Almost every Android user has heard of Clash of Clans and furthermore, a lot of them have spent countless hours playing this highly addictive game.

Meanwhile, another mobile game named Clash Royale was released by Supercell. The game didn’t catch attention earlier but it has now emerged as a competitor of Clash of Clans. The latest offering by Supercell does look like a great alternative to Clash of Clans.

COC is an MMO strategy game that was developed by Supercell where gamers can train their own troops, upgrade them, and use them to raid other villages and much more.

With the arrival of Clash Royale, players may start ditching Clash of Clans in order to concentrate more on this new game. Supercell has been making a lot of money from Clash of Clans and the developer has released other games as well, like Boom Beach and Hay Day.

Clash Royale comes with similar troops, gameplay settings and characters from Clash of Clans. With real-time strategy gaming, players can control a single character.

The major point of difference between these two games is that Royale offers live multiplayer online battles. However, it is unfair to compare it with other MOBA titles like League of Legends and DOTA 2. However, everyone is well aware of the popularity of multiplayer online games.

Supercell has announced that it has released a global version of the game. The company tested the game on the IOS platform in several countries like Finland, Norway, Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark, Canada, Sweden, and New Zealand.

Supercell further mentioned that the game is not a sequel to Clash of Clans or a second version. On the official website, Supercell has stated that it wishes to keep both games separate.

According to the latest reports, the developers of Clash of Clans are about to release a new update that will improve the matchmaking system. This upcoming update will definitely provide a much better experience while playing Clash of Clans.