Features To Be Added In Clash Of Clans, Does Clash Royale Serve As A Better Alternative To COC? Let’s See

However, in order to make the matchmaking time shorter in Clash of Clans. The developers will further remove large sized matches like 45v45 and 35v35. In other words, Clash of Clans will be much faster than before.

Supercell further stated that as soon as the new update is released, matchmaking will be much more balanced and players will not face opponents weaker or stronger than themselves.

Once the update is released, players will probably face a lot of glitches and bugs and they will fix them as soon as possible. There are also chances that the matchmaking system will not function properly but developers have assured that it will not take too long to fix it.

Clash of Clans will receive other updates in the near future and Supercell will slowly and gradually release updates over time.

A Supercell forum post read, “Clan wars matchmaking will place a much greater emphasis on defensive (village) progress, and less emphasis on offensive (army) progress…” the game developers are also emphasizing on “late game defense and troops” as well as “win/loss records in their recent wars.”

Stay tuned for more updates on Clash of Clans!