Avril Lavigne: Recovering From Lyme Disease, Spotted With Chad Kroeger, Denied Rumors About Ryan Cabrera!

One of the photos showed Avril Lavigne wearing a crown and it was captioned happy holidays. She also uploaded another photo of herself wearing a Santa Claus hat.

Avril Lavigne went ahead to share another photo from her past where she is seen learning how to play the piano with her sister Michelle. The photo was taken on a Christmas morning when she was six or seven years of age.

Avril Lavigne learned how to play the guitar from Lenny Kravitz. She learned the instrument while playing along to Fly Away.

Apart from music, Avril Lavigne has revealed that she is also interested in acting in movie. She said that she isn’t keen on any particular genre, but has a soft corner for the horror genre and would be happy to be part of a horror film.

According to PPCorn Avril Lavigne has learnt French on a whimsical decision. After breaking up with Deryck Whibley, she decided to move to France for a while.

Avril’s father is French and she always had a plan to learn French, but never got herself to do that. After her break up, she decided to make use of the time and hence headed out to France and learnt French.

Avril Lavigne is one of those very few singers who only wear their own clothes. She has never performed with someone else’s clothes on and refuses to follow the prescribed notions set by the industry.

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