Spider-Man: New Spider-Man To Be More Realistic, Set To Become The Youngest Avenger!

Marvel is hell-bent on changing the image that is associated with Spider-Man. Not for once did Marvel mention that they did not like the way in which Spider-Man was depicted in the films undertaken by Sony, but they felt that the story of Spider-Man has been repeated too many times and it was time for a change.

Marvel is going to give Spider-Man a complete face-lift. Joe Russo and Anthony Russo has confirmed that the way Spider-Man will be seen in Captain America: Civil War is very different way from the way he has previously been seen on screen.

Spider-Man has a huge fan following and they are very happy that the web-swinging hero is going to get a face-lift. Joe Russo informed IGN that he had been a huge fan of Spider-Man growing up and he was ecstatic to get a chance to work on Spider-Man. He said that it was a dream-come-true to work on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is going to enjoy quite an important slot in Captain America: Civil War, given the way his web has been portrayed on the first poster. Joe and Anthony Russo are going to take Spider-man out of the world of comic book pages and give him a realistic image. This will help the experience of watching the new Spider-Man movie very different.

The first change that was incorporated in the new Spider-Man was that he was made younger. Peter Parker always started off as a high-school student, but then the film would never delve deeper into that life of his. Sony would always take up actors who were adults and hence they couldn’t focus too much on the life that Peter Parker had as a school student.

This time Marvel is going to give an interesting twist to the old image of Spider-Man that we are all familiar with. Spider-Man is going to be portrayed as a teenager and the film will focus on his high-school life. There are a lot of complexities involved in the life in a high-school and the film will deal that.

Russo informed that the directors want to portray on screen the energy and insecurities that a teenager goes through while trying to juggle between the struggles of being a geek and his sudden discovery of being a super-hero.

Another interesting thing that makes Spider-Man so appealing is that he can be easily related to by the audience. Peter Parker was brought up by Aunt May in a very ordinary manner. This makes her very different from the other super-heroes.

Spider-Man movies from Sony always depicted the web-swinging-super-hero side of Peter Parker. This is set to change with the upcoming movie from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new Spider-Man film will focus on the character from the personal level and will try to understand his emotional and personal mindset.

According to ComicBook.com the director duo wanted to have a contemporary cast for the new Spider-Man film because they wanted to move out of the comic book world. The director pointed out that Peter Parker comes from a very humble background, but this wasn’t focused in the films. The homes where the character lived in the previous films were more expensive.

The character of Spider-Man lives in New York in the income of a single individual and everyone knows that it is an expensive place to live in. Therefore, if the place where the character lives and the kind of lifestyle he has isn’t genuine then the audience will not think that the whole experience wasn’t authentic.