Spider-Man: New Spider-Man To Be More Realistic, Set To Become The Youngest Avenger!

Tom Holland who is going to play the role of Spider-Man is believed to be perfect for the role of a high-school kid. Even though he is 19-years-old, he can easily be mistaken for a kid who is just reaching his pubescent stage.

Marvel made the call to use a younger actor for the role because they wanted their portrayal of the young Spider-Man more realistic. Fans also feel that with a younger actor, Marvel can continue with one film after another without scouting for another new actor to fill in the shoes of Spider-Man.

Tom Holland has trained a lot to perfect his role as Spider-Man. He is set to be the youngest Avenger, but then he has to be physically capable of carrying out all his stunts on his own. If he has to win over the hearts of the audience as the new Spider-Man, he has to make himself better than Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

While talking about Captain America: Civil War, the brothers revealed that the film is something that the audience has never seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is going to shock the audience and is one of the most profound film to come out from the Marvel studio.