Avril Lavigne: Attended The Pre-Grammy Gala with Chad Kroeger, Rumors of a Reunion, Parties at Vegas, And More!

Avril Lavigne was recently spotted at the Britney Spears’ residency show at Planet Hollywood hotel. Avril Lavigne went for Piece of Me with her girlfriends and she wore a beaded black and white mini dress and had her hair done straight. She even posted a photo with Britney Spears and thanked her for the great show.

The trip to Vegas was an important one for Avril Lavigne, since it showed her how far she had come in her fight against Lyme disease. Last time when she had been at Vegas, she had spent it locked up in her hotel room and was then finally diagnosed to have been suffering from Lyme disease. Almost a year since that day, she was back in the city to celebrate her friend’s birthday and had fun.

With her fight with Lyme disease, Avril Lavigne has adopted a new positive outlook towards life. She has been away from music for a long time now and there are chances that Avril Lavigne is going to announce her new album soon enough.

Youth Health Magazine has reported that there is a chance that Avril Lavigne is going to collaborate with Chad Kroeger and Ryan Cabrera for her new album.

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