Avatar 2: Release Date Delayed, Cameron Reworking On Script To Reduce The Number Of Sequels, And More

The surprise package is expected to be the return of Dr. Grace Augustine. She did die in the first part, but is expected to feature in the upcoming 2 installments of Avatar as reported by Variety. Talking of enemies, in spite of dying in Avatar, Colonel Miles Quaritch, will be back as the primary one. Fans are yet to find out how these characters are going to be back in Avatar 2.

As of now we are yet to hear news from the film makers. With all the spoilers that we have, the story line seems to be understood. It looks like the company will be overthrown by Neytiri and Sully. They will eventually find themselves on Earth for the final confrontation.

We have to wait till 25th December, 2017, which looks to be the possible date for the release of the film. Cameron is confident that he will be able to wrap up the scripts soon and the production process for Avatar 2 and the subsequent films will be on the floor soon.

Reports suggest that after the release of Avatar 2 in December 2017, fans can expect Avatar 3 sometime by 2018 and Avatar 4 could hit theatres by 2019.